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STERIKLEEN - Bactericidal Laundry Rinse Additive

STERIKLEEN is a bactericidal rinse concentrate effective against many micro-organisms including MRSA. (Independent test reports available on request)


STERIKLEEN is suitable for use on all fabrics, linens, towelling etc.


STERIKLEEN is effective with hot, warm or cold washes.


STERIKLEEN provides residual sanitising for washing machines.




Eradicates offensive odours from all types of fabric.

Highly concentrated therefore dilutes for maximum economy.  

Prevents static build up on synthetic fabrics.

Reduces possibility of cross infection.  

Leaves laundry clean and smelling fresh.



Used in:-

Hospitals  Day Care Centres

Clinics  Nurseries

Nursing Homes  


Manufactured to ISO 9002


Manufactured to

ISO 9002


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