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RINSE-AID - Automatic Dishwasher Rinse Agent

RINSE-AID is an automatic dishwasher rinse additive for use in conjunction with automatic dosing equipment to aid drying of dishes, cutlery and glass wear.

When added to the rinse cycle in automatic machinery, RINSE-AID produces rapid streak free drying without spotting, smearing or other water induced blemishes.



Unbeatable machine wash finish.

Leaves glasses and crockery sparkling clean.

Ensures shiny clean crockery, glass wear and cutlery.

Dilutes up to 100 parts per million of water depending on water temperature.

No need for hand drying.

Suitable for all types of automatic dishwashing machines.

Prevents the build up of alkaline salts which lead to the scratched 'misty' appearance on glass.


Labour saving.


Contains neutralising agents.

Recommended for use in all locations where automatic dishwashing machines are in use.


Manufactured to ISO 9002

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