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Mainclean - Multistage Degreaser and Saponifier

MAINCLEAN hard surface cleaner is formulated to exacting levels of quality, performance and Health and Safety demand by industrial customers. The sophisticated chemical structure precludes the need for hazardous butyl solvents commonly used in many of today's hard surface cleaners.


MAINCLEAN effectively removes a variety of soils from numerous surfaces.


Free of butyl solvents therefore improving safety.  

Highly concentrated diluting for maximum economy and reducing stock levels.

Multipurpose applications.  

Environmentally acceptable.

Biodegradable and safe on most surfaces.  

Emulsifies oils and holds in suspension.

Cleans and degreases quickly.  

Will not etch glass.


Stained and oil soaked machinery.  

Vinyl and fabric upholstery.

Hard and soft flooring.  

Plastics and Enamel.

Painted surfaces.   

Acoustic cladding.

Tiles and Glass.  

Ducting filters.


Manufactured to

ISO 9002



Oil film and grease.  

Mildew and fungi.

Ink and Wax.  

Some PVA adhesives.

Creosote and tar deposits.   

Vegetable oil.


Body fats.


Used in:




Public buildings


Sauna and solariums



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