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Lunar - Toilet Cleanser and Deodoriser

LUNAR takes care of all aspects of keeping toilets and urinals clean and smelling fresh whilst descaling and controlling the future build-up of lime scale.

LUNAR is a powerful cleanser containing a unique blend of inhibited acids, specifically formulated to work above and below the water line.

4 x 5L containers Manufactured to

ISO 9002



Cleans and sanitises.  

Powerful inhibited acids.

Descaler for U bends and pipes.  

Removes the source of unpleasant smells.

Kills bacteria.  

Thickened formula enables LUNAR to cling to vertical surfaces.

Multiple cleansing actions.  

Used in:

Hospitals, restaurants and hotels

Residential and nursing homes  

Staff and public toilets

Health and day care centres

Pubs and clubs


Leisure and fitness centres



Swimming pools

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