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Housekeeping and Hygiene Supplies

Listed below is our range of essential hygiene and housekeeping products. Click on each item for in-depth product information.

AB-SORBIT -  Bactericidal granules. Apply to spills and "accidents", quickly absorbing all bodily secretions including vomit, incontinence and blood, and other liquid spillages.

ANABACT -  Odourless, bactericidal degreaser. Effective as a measure in the control of MRSA.

ANAFLOW-   Ideal for clearing blocked drains and cleaning lime scale from ceramics, stainless steel and vitreous enamel.

ANAPURE -  Hand steriliser. Quick acting liquid gel.

LUNAR  -  Powerful toilet cleanser and deodoriser

MAINCLEAN-  Multi stage degreaser and saponifier.

MULTISAFE  -  Non caustic detergent sanitiser.  Effective against a broad spectrum of germs, bacteria, moulds and fungi.

ODOUR CLEAR 2000  -  Deodorising fluid especially formulated for industrial and environmental odour control.

ODOUR CLEAR PD (Pear Drops)  -  Deodorising fluid especially formulated for industrial and environmental odour control.

PRISM  -  Fast acting, smear free liquid glass cleaner.

PURE  -  Sanitising hand soap

STAINLESS STEEL CLEANER  -  Cleans, polishes and restores the surfaces of stainless steel, chrome plating, ceramics and glass.

VERSATILE - Can be used for the regular cleaning of ceramics, painted surfaces, stainless steel, laminated and non-porous surfaces.

CARPET BRIGHT  -   Low foam concentrated upholstery, fabric and carpet shampoo for machine and manual use