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CLEAR-THRU  -  Concentrated Liquid Drain Unblocker.

CLEAR - THRU with its unique properties and formula, is ideal for use in regular maintenance of sinks and drains.


CLEAR- THRU can be used to clear the waste pipes of washbasins, commercial and domestic kitchen sinks, showers and blocked drains.


CLEAR-THRU is an ideal maintenance product - simply add 100cc weekly.


CLEAR-THRU does not affect most types of P.V.C., rubber or steel.


Designed and formulated specifically to penetrate and seek out blockages.  

Quick and simple to use.

Liquifies fats, grease, hair, cigarette butts, paper etc.  

Leaves a fresh clean smell.

Highly concentrated

Does not leave unpleasant odours after flushing.  

Restores pipes to original diameter.




Commercial kitchens  


Gymnasiums & leisure centres  

Residential & day care centres

Hair Salons



Schools & Universities



Manufactured to ISO 9002


Manufactured to

ISO 9002


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