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CEMAK - Concentrated Concrete Cleaner

CEMAK can be used on concrete floors, slabs, brick and tarmac driveways.

CEMAK can be used to clean, brighten and to etch.

CEMAK can be used to remove moss.


Penetrates quickly saving time and labour.  

Economical - dilutes up to 1:25.

Increases surface porosity.   

Not a fire hazard.

Safe to use in any area with good ventilation.

Allows maximum adhesion of surface coating.  

Contains a brightening agent to bring the treated surface to a "new" condition.

Eliminates the need for scraping or scarifying.  

Biodegradable - does not harm the environment as it continues to break down in water.



Stone cleaners and restorers  


Building restoration  

Boiler Rooms

Car and commercial valeting premises

Concrete play areas

Car parks

Drive ways

Work shops





Manufactured to ISO 9002


Manufactured to

ISO 9002


Pack Sizes

Great for use on driveways and garage floors.

Dilutes up to 1:25 for fantastic value for money.