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Carpet Bright Low Foam - Concentrated Upholstery, Fabric and Carpet Shampoo For Machine and Manual Use

CARPET BRIGHT LOW FOAM is a unique formulation of fabric conditioner, U.V. brighteners and anti-static agents. Providing the perfect combination that restores the original appearance to carpet and upholstery effectively, economically and safely.


Biodegradable low foam prevents clogging of machines.

Environmentally Acceptable  

Contains powerful Anti-Static agents

Highly Concentrated  

Removes body fats, nicotine, light oil stains and some food stains

Masks Wear & Tear  

Fluorescent brighteners give "as new" appearance

Sanitises and removes mal-odours  


Contains fabric conditioners and brighteners  

Provides a perfect combination to help restore carpets and upholstery to their original appearance.




Residential & nursing homes


Day care centres


Leisure & sports facilities


Machine application:-

Dilute in Detergent Tank with up to 50 parts water.

Manual application:-

Dilute 50/50 product / water in a bucket.


Manufactured to ISO 9002

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