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Customer Testimonials

Anaco Smith testimonial from Waitrose

We have been using numerous products from Anaco Smith over the past decade and continue to do so.

We trialled one in particular last winter on our forecourts and parking areas called 'Ice-Breaker', a heat seeking compound which did not disappoint.

With rock salt, a great deal of time and effort was still required to clear debris and shovel access paths in the snow. The Ice-Breaker completely thawed the areas in question.  When I went back the following evening, the very area that we had used the Ice-Breaker on was still clear, as it had not frozen up again!

We could not put a price on the time and man power it would have taken to clear what the Ice-Breaker did in a very short time, it's fantastic.

Best regards

Ian Whitby

Anaco Smith testimonial from St George's Hospital

St George's Hospital, London

We have used Ice Breaker for several years to clear pathways and entrances into the hospital.

The main benefit of using Ice Breaker is that it does not completely dissolve and prevents the re-formation of ice crystals, which in turn saves on man power having to re-grit an area that has previously been treated.

We have also found that Ice Breaker does not stain or discolour floor finishes or rot carpets. In essence it is one of the best products we have found to clear and treat pathways and entrances in the Trust.

Brian Dunne  

Estates Dept.  

The Coal Shed Restaurant

The Coal Shed Restaurant recommends Anaco Smith Ltd for cleaning products

Ollie the Head Chef says this about our multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser 'MainClean'; "It's reliable, lasts a long time and is an excellent product for everyday use including deep cleans as it can be diluted according to its application."

Yum Yum Ninja Restaurant

Head Chef Jake says; "The best product we have ever used."

The Manager saying "We use it daily on virtually everything, it's so versatile."

The General Manager Lucy when they initially trialed it said "Are you the company with those amazing products?"

Fishy Fishy recommends Anaco Smith Ltd for cleaning products

Fishy Fishy is a famous fish restaurant in the legendary Brighton Lanes, co-owned by X-Factor frontman Dermot O'Leary.

Loz, the head chef, says; "The Anaco products are fantastic, cost effective, versatile, and go a long way. We would encourage other businesses to request samples and try this specialist range of products. Their service is second to none and their products deliver an effective solution every time."

Andy Tugwell, Managing Director, TSS Facilities Ltd.

Approximately four years ago I was introduced to a company called Anaco Smith Limited.

TSS are now utilising a number of the Anaco products on a regular basis. One in particular during the winter months is the product Ice-Breaker. It's a unique and exceptional product and has many benefits to its usage. It saves valuable time, resources and our customer's working environments, along with the financial savings with health & safety at the core of this.

As an independent, family run British company, we at TSS Facilities are only too happy to recommend Anaco Smith to one and all.