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Reduces the risk of cross contamination of infection and disease.

Kills bacteria.

Inactivates a number of viruses.

Instantly masks offensive odours, reducing the unpleasantness to patrons and staff.

Public areas and transport can immediately be returned to service with minimal disruption.

Safe and easy to use.

Ab-Sorbit - Bactericidal emergency cleaner and deodoriser.

AB - SORBIT  highly effective absorbent granules which are easily applied to spills and accidents, quickly absorbing all bodily secretions including vomit, incontinence, blood, and other liquid spillages.


AB - SORBIT absorbs over 400 times its own weight, binding offending matter to enable easy removal.


AB - SORBIT contains a bactericide and deodoriser, dealing with cross contamination and unpleasant odours on application.




Manufactured to

ISO 9002

Pack Sizes


240g tubs.   

10 x 240g tubs.

Please contact us for larger pack size prices. Please be aware that leaving large packs opened for long periods of time could result in loss of effectiveness of the product dependent upon air moisture content, hence the tub sizes we offer.



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